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Screening tool
for measuring
your intuition

The Quadrants of Aggression and Intrusion Concern (QuAIC) is a screening tool for behaviours of concern developed by Dr Annabel Chan, Dr Troy McEwan, and Luke Bartlett in 2017.  

QuAIC was created out of demand from several organisations wanting a fast and easy way for employees to recognise and report early warning signs of problematic behaviour in the workplace. When people are on the receiving end of persistent, intrusive, and troubling behaviour, they often know something is wrong and where to report, but some uncertainties often hold them back from speaking up:

  • How worried should I be?
  • When do I tell someone? 
  • What do I tell them? 

QuAIC provides a quick and consistent way for anyone to quantify their gut feeling by answering four questions about the behaviour that is worrying them - level of aggression, how long has it been happening, how often, and how disruptive has the problem behaviour been. It does not require any formal training and is free for use. It is not a formal risk assessment tool and should not replace threat assessment processes. 

QuAIC is decision-making aid for:

  • targets of worrying behaviour to know when to report concerns
  • responders to prioritise cases and allocation of resources when responding to reports of problem behaviours
  • assessors to identify intervention and fear management needs
  • removing personal and cultural thresholds and individual biases when reporting concerns
  • encouraging early and consistent reporting

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QuAIC is also available on a paid subsciption for organisations that would like to have it embedded on their website or intranet. Subscription packages include individual logins to a portal where QuAIC responses can be stored and tracked, and recommendations tailored to company protcols,

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